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Shawnee Mission VFW
No One Does More For Vets

Veterans Museum

The Shawnee Mission VFW would like to support veterans by having a local Museum dedicated to you the veterans. Currently we the SMVFW does not have a post building. We are seeking options within Shawnee to make this dream come true.

With the Johnson County Museum moving out of Shawnee we think this would be a great place to have a Veterans Museum. However we need your support both financially and by contacting your Johnson County Legislator and advising them to support our cause.


Our veterans are dying at an alarming rate and so are their experiences, stories and faces. We want to provide an interactive experience for someone to understand the sacrifices these veterans have made in keeping our community, country free.

We want you to experience the situation from a personal view. Hearing their stories paints a personal perspective and a unique experience. Our current conflict veterans have an experience to tell as well. We would like to offer those untold interactions. 

We also need a place to provide unique artifacts only found through war and personal experiences. Putting these items on display will provide the perspective of our nation’s history as seen through the eyes of soldiers, sailors, airman and marines.


We wish to continue supporting our veteran through many programs we offer. Currently without a building the Shawnee Mission VFW is limited in the services we can offer. Supporting veterans also means a place where they can go for help and comradeship. PTSD is one of the many challenges our current veterans face. By having a building we could provide and support our veterans with the necessary means to combat that challenge.

The SMVFW is a family involved VFW. We know that the best support a veteran can get is through the support from spouses, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers and friends. With a building we could provide that atmosphere of continued support.   

Community involvement is vital to SMVFW. The building would give us a place to continue interaction of our community activities such as Flags 4 Freedom, Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy, and the Tony Lang 1000 Shoes campaign.