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Auxillary Minutes 6-10-15

Ladies’ Auxiliary Meeting 10 June 2015

In attendance: Rexann Pfister, Lena Hunter, Betty Ryan, Lora Simms, Marcia Lichtenauer and Kris Womer along with new members Phyllis Ritter and Michelle Distler

Reading of the 13 May 2015 was accepted. Treasurer report was accepted and filed.

There was a discussion of the money made during Old Shawnee Days and Poppy Sales.  The question of how much money the auxiliary would get was asked.  A want for better location for the booth for Old Shawnee Days along with bigger signs was expressed.  Lena Hunter got donations of chips, pop and gift cards from HyVee for Old Shawnee Days.

Marcia Lichtenauer will be buying Lisa Hattaway a past president’s pinc and a gift as she is the outgoing president.  Lichtenauer will present the gifts to Lisa at the July meeting.  All were in favor.

Other questions asked by members were 

  • Paying for the Civic Center room for meetings
  • Keeping the dues the same; what comes out of dues
  • Where to donate money
  • Bingo/family night (board games and dodgeball)
  • Does Lisa have shoe donations?
  • Neighborhood kids volunteer information for Flags for Freedom
  • New Business

Marcia Lichtenauer would like to donate aprons for when members are doing fundraising during cooking events. People were asking who sponsored the booth at Old Shawnee Days. T-shirts and the aprons would be a walking advertisement.

(at this point the curtain separating the post and auxiliary meetings was opened)

Flags for Freedom discussion:

June 27th is set up and July 5th is take down days.   Both start at 8a.m.  Firefighters will load bases onto trailers the day before.     Flags will start at city limits near Hocker Grove Middle School and end at Veterans’ Park with a huge gap between Quivira and Caenen Castle due to construction.  Other flags will be placed along Nieman Road for the dentistry office and the Phillips 66 on Shawnee Mission Parkway east of Pflumm.

In the past, ribbons and books for people who have donated are lost so going to make dog tags.  Ribbons for conflicts to hang at Veterans’ Park are being discussed.  Set up times will be Saturday and Sunday and in the evenings during the week to take donations.  The Post will be taking orders for dog tags and Auxiliary was encouraged to spread the news.

There was a discussion for long-range planning for next year’s Flags for Freedom.  Possibly a Freedom Run 5K.  The City of Shawnee wants the Post to work on these fundraisers during Veterans’ Day so that funds are not taken from Old Shawnee Days.  Doug mentioned a WalMart grant.  An engineer is working on new bases for the flags for next year, so that they do not tip over so easily. 

Questions –Thoughts

Post and Auxiliary members will be meeting at City Hall at 7:30 a.m. June 27th and July 5th (Kris has a sign up for both mornings)  Breakfast donations are needed.  Doug has coffee maker.  City does not provide anything.  Three tables will be needed- one for sign in where liability waivers will be filled out; one for people already with paperwork complete; and one for food, juice and coffee.  Auxiliary handles all three tables with the waivers and food included.  Lena Hunter volunteered to get donut donations from Krispy Kremes and Dunkin Donuts.  Other possible locations were mentioned such as Paneras.

Flyers are being printed and information is included on the city website.  A suggestion was made to have bins for shoe donations and asked if that could be put on the fliers.  May not be possible because they are going to print 11 June 2015.

Consolidation with Post 846 discussion

Two weeks ago Doug Simms, Senior vice for District 2 was approached with the possibility of consolidating with Overland Park Post 846.  The state and Post 846 want Post 10552 to take over Post 846.  Post 846 has a building at 87th and Grant with a canteen (bar and kitchen).  Process includes investigation with Post 10552 investigative committee looking into whether it is even what Post 10552 would want.  Post and Auxiliary members on committee include Chuck Owens, Chris Pfister, John Womer, John Lichtenauer, Kris Womer and Doug Simms.


  • Post and Auxiliary still want to conduct the programs now in place.
  • No can be the decisions then it all goes to the state (ie. Building, leftover money, etc.)
  • 846 number is an issue.
  • There is a $50,000 bingo tax penalty that may be passed on to Post 10552, even though, 846 is trying to correct the mistakes made.
  • Committee has already compiled a list of questions
  • Post 10552 has already consolidated with Prairie Village Post.
  • 846 has/had 300 members.  Some left to Lenexa Post.
  • Post 10552 would hold all leadership positions.
  • 846 Auxiliary were fighting, disband, brought back and all officers resigned.
  • Lenexa Post hoping to make all American status which means they need 100 new members by the end of the year.  They need approximately 3 more new members.

If any members have questions or concerns about the consolidation with Post 846, they can be sent to Kris Womer.  The meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.  Next meeting is scheduled for 8 July 2015.